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  Artikel verfasst am 10. August 2023

Understanding the operation environment

Understanding the operation environment is essential to acting with confidence in any context. All actors have competitors or adversaries, and based on reliable, unique insights it is possible to create winning strategies built on the others‘ weaknesses and shortcomings. Offensive Intelligence as provided by INFO + DATEN is a set of activities and methods to actively develop intelligence in an ethical and legal manner.

It is often said that Offensive Intelligence is about predicting the future, but this is actually not accurate. There is no reliable prediction of the future in today‘s fast changing operating environments. One task of intelligence is to enable anticipation of what may be. The time span covered runs from two years in the past to five years in the future. The past provides insights to evaluate what went well and what went less well for the competitors and for one’s own company. This is useful in weighing options for the future. Looking at the future provides a view of one’s comprehensive operation environment: technological, regulatory and political. It is a radar showing warnings of impending problems and alerting to upcoming opportunities, always in time to let decision-makers take needed action.

Specialty methodologies and techniques of INFO + DATEN to better understand the operation environment beyond the generally accepted structured analysis techniques are …

Lockwood Analytical Method for Prediction (LAMP), a systematic technique for predicting short-term, one-off behaviors. Using primarily qualitative empirical data, LAMP enables predictions of the most likely outcomes for specific questions across a broad spectrum of intelligence problems in the areas of risk management, security, market movements, and more.

Intelligence Profiling – Profiling an individual remotely using secondary sources, keys to accomplishments, political awareness, problem-solving skills, and conversations with confidants of the target. Profiling enables predictions about decision-making behavior by revealing the intentions and potential of (leadership) personalities.