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Protective Intelligence Services

  Artikel verfasst am 10. August 2023

INFO + DATEN offers these Protective Intelligence services

Within the area of Protective Intelligence customers may choose from five services: Threat Landscape Assessment, Vulnerability Check, Employee Background Screening, Information Operations, and Investigative Intelligence

Threat Landscape Assessment – Who is interested in acquiring our know-how, legally or illegally? Who wants to understand our strategies and activities? When an entity understands its specific threat landscape, it is in a superior position to align its defensive measures with the identified actors and their intelligence gathering capacities. A competitor, a supplier or even a foreign government may have reasons to understand your best practices, and to learn about your processes and critical success factors to bolster their own efforts to succeed in your market and knowledge domain. The Threat Landscape Assessment will provide you with a clear overview of your opponents and their intelligence gathering capacities, their interests in you and how to best counter them.

Vulnerability Check (non-technical) – The Vulnerability Check is a carefully planned and executed intelligence gathering effort against your entity. The focus is set on your people, normally the weakest part of your defense strategy. The check is completely tailored and specific to your organization and its operation environment. The basis for the Vulnerability Check is the Threat Landscape Assessment as well as a specific threat identified to emulate an adversary’s intelligence gathering effort. The outcome of the check will show you how strong and reliable your current protective measures are.

Background Check (people and organizations) – A background check reviews confidential and public information to understand an individual’s or entity’s history. Background checks are normally conducted pre-engagement to ensure that one knows upfront with whom one will deal. Extensive background checks can be quite expensive, mainly because of the time and effort necessary to explore every item in an individual’s or entity’s history. The background check can also be executed routinely during an existing relationship to learn about any relevant changes.

Analog and Digital Information Operations / Deception – Information Operations are key Protective Intelligence activities as they show the ability to manage and safeguard the information that exists within a company. It is the art of controlling and using information outflow to protect one’s own plans and strategies. In other words, it is about managing the intelligence that adversaries gather about plans and activities in such a manner that they may draw incorrect conclusions.

Investigative Intelligence – Investigative Intelligence services are special purpose services that are highly tailored to task specific questions that cannot be answered by traditional means, e.g. who uses our knowledge to conduct business, or where is our internal knowledge traded to our disadvantage? In cases of actual security breaches, intelligence investigations may provide the insights to understand the breaches and the drivers behind them. These insights enable customers to actively counter the corresponding threat.