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Strategic Intelligence Gap Text

  Artikel verfasst am 10. August 2023

What is strategic advantage?

When an organization has a strategic advantage, it has a particular characteristic or way of doing things that makes it more successful than its peers or adversaries. This advantage enables the organization to stay abreast of others, mitigate risk and navigate uncertainties. One means to achieve a strategic advantage derives from comprehensive risk mitigation and the ability to surprise the operation environment and other players with moves and activities they did not preview.

Strategic advantage vs competitive advantage

A competitive advantage refers to something an organization does better than others in day-to-day operations such as cost advantage, brand reputation, productivity, or customer satisfaction. Strategic advantage is a broader and longer-term concept than competitive advantage. It is the result of effective strategic planning and execution combined with sound risk mitigation and information security. Key elements in managing a strategic advantage are Offensive Intelligence and Protective Intelligence.

So, to keep and even improve a strategic advantage, an organization must understand the larger business environment in detail while at the same time preventing others from learning about the organization’s own intentions and capabilities. This builds the strategic intelligence gap contributing to a significant and sustainable strategic advantage. The ability to surprise and an improved security status (see below) are key values gained on top.